Collaborations with Optimistic Elegance - The new EmpowerHer Division

Our Mission: At Business Whisperer Consulting and Coaching Group, we've been on a transformative journey since our humble beginnings in 2014. Our mission has always been to empower entrepreneurs, driving success through strategic coaching, tailored consulting, and a personalized touch that resonates with the diverse needs of businesses.

Elevating our brand through the essence of Optimistic Elegance - The EmpowerHER Concept: In our relentless pursuit of holistic empowerment, we are proud to introduce a dynamic collaboration with Optimistic Elegance. This partnership is a celebration of the EmpowerHER concept, a groundbreaking approach designed to complement our existing offerings. Uplifting our brand through the profound essence of Optimistic Elegance - The EmpowerHER Concept, uniquely tailored for minority females who have also triumphed over toxic and abusive relationships.

How EmpowerHER Enhances Your Journey: EmpowerHER brings a fresh perspective, placing a heightened focus on the multifaceted empowerment of individuals. It seamlessly integrates with our strategic coaching and consulting solutions, emphasizing not only business success but the complete personal development of our female clients.

From accountability and motivation to business planning and social media marketing, EmpowerHER adds layers of support to our existing services, creating a more robust and comprehensive experience.  Key service focus toward minority, female, veteran, or HUBZone business owners.  Ensuring start-up support, marketing optimization, financial strategic analysis, Anti-racism coping skills to serve a community which is quite often underserved.